The Tulsa Cerebral Palsy Association is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping persons in Tulsa and the surrounding area who have cerebral palsy or related problems and their families and friends.


The goals of the organization are:

· To support those with cerebral palsy in identifying and accessing services that improve their quality of life;

· To help sponsor rehabilitation/vocational training and recreational programs for those affected with cerebral palsy; and

· To educate the public about cerebral palsy and the needs of those affected with cerebral palsy.


  • Assessments, Evaluations, & Therapy
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Case Management
  • Supporting Software
  • Fabrication of Devices
  • Training for Consumer & Family
  • Information & Referral
  • Locating Alternate Funding


  • Persons of any age with Cerebral Palsy who live in Tulsa and the surrounding area are eligible for support
  • Services are provided based on financial need. However, TCPA does consider the total family obligations in making a determination regarding support. A copy of the most recent tax return is usually required as part of the application process.
  • Decisions are made on an individual basis. An individual may receive support more than one time if the request meets other eligibility criteria.


  • Applicants may submit a request through the website or by phone. Initial requests submitted through "Contact Us" section on the website should include all the requested information. A telephone request must include a name and mailing address or email to allow us to forward the form for request. (Requests for therapeutic horseback riding from All Star Therapy may also be requested at and submitted through the facility.)
  • Applicants from the website are contacted for additional information if necessary . Telephone applications will be sent a formal application form to complete for consideration of the request.
  • The completed application is reviewed, verified and acted upon by the membership at their monthly meeting.