Therapeutic Horseback Riding

All-Star Therapy Group in Ramona provides the opportunity for those with cerebral palsy to discover the joy of horseback riding in a safe and loving environment. Scholarships from Tulsa Cerebral Palsy Association are available for those interested in taking advantage of the wonderful, positive, effects of riding as well as the freedom and power that comes with this experience. If you or someone you know can benefit from this program, please apply for any needed assistance.

Center Scholarships

In Tulsa the Center for Individuals with Phyiscal Callenges offers a comprehensive program to serve the needs of all those in the Tulsa area experiencing physical challenges. Tulsa Cerebral Palsy has established a schoalrhsip fund to support those seeking sevices at the Center to help cover the costs of dues, services, and supplies that are difficult to deal with on a limited budget. If you or someone you know needs help to take advantage of the great services offered by the Center, please contact the Center directly to apply for scholarship support. To find out more about this organization, go to or check them out on Facebook at Tulsa Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges.

Equipment Needs

Many of those living with the limitations of cerebral palsy are also on extremely limited budgets. When a battery goes dead and the wheelchair is stalled, there is rarely additional money to replace these items or to make needed repairs. Tulsa Cerebral Palsy is among the only organizations in the Tulsa area with funds to assist those in need with these emergency funds to limit the impact on the individuals quality of life. Please apply for support if you find yourself in need of this support.